an exceptional firm

Klaros Group combines business know-how and deep regulatory expertise to help financial innovators and incumbents define and achieve their business goals while meeting regulatory expectations.

an uncommon approach


Our partners have decades of experience as senior executives of fintech firms, financial institutions, and regulatory agencies.


As business leaders and advisors, we’ve designed and executed strategies and transactions to enable financial innovation in compliance with law and regulation.


We work with clients on challenges of central strategic significance where our team can deliver maximum value.


Our senior partners immerse themselves in client work, reflecting the complexity and gravity of the issues our clients retain us to address. We emphasize long-term relationships with our clients, not just projects.


Our network of relationships spans regulators (globally and across agencies), investors (VC and PE), and leaders in business, finance, innovation and professional services.

Client Alignment

We believe in aligning our interests with those of our clients. In appropriate situations, we will consider investing, accepting equity in lieu of fees, or otherwise tying our compensation to the impact of our contributions.  

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